SDET Demand In Market !!


Nowadays, more and more companies are hiring SDETs as they are playing an important role in Agile and DevOps. With a quick change in technology, manual testers need to work hard and to learn more to be on track in their career. SDETs are high in demand and it becomes so hard to hire them as well as it takes a lot of learning for manual testers to convert into SDET.

SDET is a technical software tester who focuses on developing automated scripts. SDETs work alongside developers to help automate Acceptance criteria in user stories as a part of the Agile team. In addition to QA activities, SDET writes automation integration tests, API tests and UI automation tests.

SDETs are one of the highest paid people in the software industry now-a-days. Having the knowledge in both development and testing, they are high in demand in the market and are eligible for a good pay scale.

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  • review rating 5  Training provided by the trainers here is completely awesome. Trainer is highly qualified in their areas with practical experience. Also amenities provided during training by institute is great

    thumb Abhishek Tripathi
  • review rating 4  Training provided by the trainers in DevLabs Alliance is completely awesome. Trainers are highly qualified in their areas with practical experience. Since it is 3 days training we have completely got the opportunity to have hands on.

    thumb Salaja K
  • review rating 5  Excellent Training program. Training courses and trainers are very good. Trainer will explain you as many time you ask the question. Best thing is hands on based training. You learn by doing. Looking for more courses from here.

    thumb Vijay Kumar
  • review rating 4  It was good session, I left my training room with basic knowledge on all the tools. Tutors have great knowledge and experience on the tools. But three days is not enough time.

    thumb sairam shyamala
  • review rating 4  Both trainers (Ravi and Naresh) were excellent in their approach. Session was less of a theory and more of a practical. And even the theory part was quite interesting. A bit issue with the volume of information which I had received in just a span of 2-3 days - it seemed a bit over-loaded. But overall, it has given me a great platform to take it forward from here!

    thumb Varenya Varshney
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