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How to Download & Install Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse (Step-By-Step)



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Download Selenium WebDriver for Java

1. Open the browser and navigate to

Below displayed page will open. Click on “Downloads”

2. In the Downloads page, scroll down and navigate to Selenium Client & WebDriver Language Bindings and then click on “Download Alpha” in front of the Java section.

3. On click of Download Alpha, zip file will be downloaded. Unzip the file and save it.

Downloading Chrome Driver

We would be executing our Selenium scripts as well as automating the web application in Chrome browser. Hence, to launch the Chrome browser, we need to have Chrome Driver downloaded in the system.

To download Chrome Driver, follow the below steps:

4. Check the version of your Chrome browser.

4.1 Open Chrome browser

4.2 Click on three vertical dots on top most right-hand side in the browser.

4.3 Click on Help >> About Google Chrome.

4.4 In the next screen, Chrome version is displayed in About Chrome section.

5. Open below link to download Chrome Driver:

6. Based on the Chrome browser version, click on the Chrome Driver download link:

7. On click of the download link, a window will open specifying the Chrome Driver for various platforms.

Download the one according to your system’s configuration.

8. On click of the link, the Chrome Driver zip file will get downloaded. Unzip the file and place it in some folder.

Configure Eclipse IDE with WebDriver

9. Launch the “Eclipse” and create a new project.

Click on File >> New >> Project

10. In a New Project wizard, click on “Java Project” under Java and then click on Next> button.

11. In a New Java Project template, specify the Project name as “DLA_Selenium” and click on the Finish button.