What is SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test)?


SDET is an abbreviation for Software Development Engineer in Test and this term was coined by Microsoft Inc.

Software testing is not just a job profile rather it’s a mindset to think as an end user and help making the right system at right time without any bug.

Today, internet is touching more than half of the world’s population. With the increase of websites, softwares applications, mobile/wearable devices, IoTs, online shopping sites etc. organisations are pushed to adopt empirical software development processes like Agile, DevOps. They are adopting different practices to deliver bug free projects to match up with increasing demand in the industry.

Software testing has become crucial after the advent of DevOps and Agile where organizations need to deliver the release or products in few hours or in day. In recent times, IT industry, however, has transformed from Manual to Automation Testing but still industry is expecting people with multiple skills. Its equally applicable to Software testers. Industry want a mix of testing and development skill set with strong engineering mindset. Top companies are not only looking for vanilla testing practices but test professionals who have deep understanding and experience in JUnit, TestNG, Apache Maven, Git, Jenkins, CI/CD, Performance testing tools, understanding of applications architecture, so they can write white box Test cases too. With the enhanced skill set, they can work as an independent professional.

This organizational demand has given birth to Software Development Engineer in Test role(SDET). These professionals should have deep understanding about development technologies as well as software testing.

The amalgamation of development and testing knowledge helps team to be more agile and cross functional.

Most of the MNCs already started hiring SDET professionals rather hiring Manual Tester or Automation Test Engineers.

We at DevLabs Alliance Pvt.Ltd. (DLA) are helping Manual or Automation Test Engineers to transform their career path in most demanding SDET career. We are group of professionals having more than 15 years of experience in different aspect of Software Development and Testing and crafted the courses as per the industry’s need. Our courses and teaching methodology is so simple that anyone can learn and become expert in no time. DLA’s mission is to helping people Learn, Lead and Succeed.

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  • review rating 5  Training provided by the trainers here is completely awesome. Trainer is highly qualified in their areas with practical experience. Also amenities provided during training by institute is great

    thumb Abhishek Tripathi
  • review rating 4  It was good session, I left my training room with basic knowledge on all the tools. Tutors have great knowledge and experience on the tools. But three days is not enough time.

    thumb sairam shyamala
  • review rating 4  Training provided by the trainers in DevLabs Alliance is completely awesome. Trainers are highly qualified in their areas with practical experience. Since it is 3 days training we have completely got the opportunity to have hands on.

    thumb Salaja K
  • review rating 4  Both trainers (Ravi and Naresh) were excellent in their approach. Session was less of a theory and more of a practical. And even the theory part was quite interesting. A bit issue with the volume of information which I had received in just a span of 2-3 days - it seemed a bit over-loaded. But overall, it has given me a great platform to take it forward from here!

    thumb Varenya Varshney
  • review rating 5  Excellent Training program. Training courses and trainers are very good. Trainer will explain you as many time you ask the question. Best thing is hands on based training. You learn by doing. Looking for more courses from here.

    thumb Vijay Kumar
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