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Docker Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners

with Sagan Trainer


10:10 AM -

10:30 AM

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About this Webinar

The "Docker Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners" webinar serves as a comprehensive introduction to Docker, catering specifically to individuals with little or no prior experience with containerization. This educational session aims to demystify Docker's key concepts and functionalities, empowering attendees to leverage this transformative technology in their development and deployment workflows.

The webinar typically kicks off with an overview of containerization, elucidating why Docker has become an industry standard for packaging and delivering software. Attendees gain insights into the challenges Docker addresses, such as the portability of applications across different environments and the elimination of "it works on my machine" issues.

The fundamentals section covers the basic Docker commands, starting from pulling pre-built images from repositories like Docker Hub to building custom images using Dockerfiles. The hands-on approach allows participants to grasp the practical aspects of running containers, managing their lifecycle, and executing commands within them.

A significant portion of the webinar is dedicated to understanding Docker Compose—a tool vital for orchestrating multi-container applications. Attendees learn how to define services, networks, and volumes using a straightforward YAML file, enabling them to compose and manage complex application stacks effortlessly.

Throughout the webinar,

emphasis is placed on real-world applications of Docker, demonstrating how it can enhance development, testing, and deployment processes. The session also covers Docker's compatibility with various programming languages and frameworks, showcasing its versatility in accommodating diverse technology stacks.

By the end of the "Docker Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners" webinar, participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate Docker into their workflows. The goal is to empower beginners to harness Docker's efficiency, consistency, and scalability, setting them on a path towards more streamlined and effective software development practices.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Docker:

Basic Docker Concepts:

Setting Up Docker:

Docker Commands:

Dockerfile and Image Creation:

Container Orchestration with Docker Compose:

Real-World Use Cases:

Best Practices and Tips:

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Sagan Trainer

B Tech

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Well versed in Software Testing Trainings

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