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Automate Your Testing With DevOps

with Afrin


2:00 PM -

3:30 PM

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About this Webinar

Ready to revolutionize your testing process?

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  • Uncover the power of test automation in accelerating development and ensuring quality.
  • Explore DevOps principles, discover essential tools, and learn best practices.
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Embracing automated testing helps unlock the following DevOps benefits:

Speed without sacrificing quality: gain high product velocity that makes developers happy and enables them to deliver more value to users, faster.

Improved team collaboration: shared responsibility for quality empowers better collaboration among team members.

Reliability: improve the reliability of releases by increasing coverage with test automation. Issues in production should be a rare occurrence rather than the norm.

Scale: produce consistent quality outcomes with reduced risk by distributing development across multiple small teams that operate in a self-sufficient manner.

Security: move quickly without compromising security and compliance by leveraging automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques.

Increased customer happiness: improved reliability and fast responses to user feedback increases user satisfaction and leads to more product referrals.

Conclusion: Embracing test automation to unlock the full potential of DevOps will ultimately reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency, both of which will have a direct impact on employee and customer happiness, and ultimately the bottom line.

What You Will Learn

Brief introduction to the webinar topic

Overview of the importance of test automation in the DevOps lifecycle

The challenges of manual testing in a DevOps environment

Benefits of test automation for accelerating development and deployment

How DevOps and test automation complement each other

Introduction to popular test automation tools in a DevOps ecosystem

Demo: Setting up a basic automated testing environment

Best Practices in Test Automation with DevOps

And much more

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12 year of experience in SDET

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