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Java and Eclipse Installation Setup Guide & Tutorial



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How to install Java

1. Open your web browser and search for java jdk download

1.1 Click on the link of Oracle download page:

1.2 The following page would be displayed:

1.3 Scroll down the page a little

1.4 Download the executable file corresponding to your operating system

1.5 Accept the license agreement for Oracle and click on download JDK

1.6 Open the executable file

1.7 After opening the file, it will prepare to install

1.8 Click Next to continue

1.9 Windows has successfully installed Java

Verify that Java is being setup properly in the system

2.1 Open command prompt in your system

2.2 Type java and press enter

2.3 If the below screen has appeared in your system, it means that the java JDK has not setup properly (path has not setup):

How to set the Java path

3.1 Open the Settings and click on system option

3.2 Search for environment variables and select edit the system environment variables

3.3 Following screen would be displayed then select environment variables:

3.4 Select the path under system variables and click on edit

3.5 The below page would be displayed:

3.6 Open File Explorer and go to the folder where your jdk is installed

3.7 Click on JDK >>bin

3.8 Copy the location of JDK bin and paste it to the Path under system variable which you have to edit