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Top 5 API Testing Tools

An API or Application programming interface is defined as a collection of software functions and procedures that is used to access or execute other software applications. API testing is a software testing type that ensures if the developed APIs are executing correctly and meeting the expectations regarding its functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the application.
With a digital transformations, the demand for API testing is increasing with a greater level of Automation. Hence, testers/QA Engineers/SDET needs to equip themselves with intelligent and easy-to-use automation tools to test APIs that can help reduce the manual efforts to test these APIs and improve testing effectiveness and productivity.

What are the roles and responsibilities of SDET?

SDET is a mix of developer as well as tester who has exposure to project management, interacts and understands end user software requirements, knows product or domain knowledge, participates in product or software designing, knows how to code and build test automation tools. Roles and Responsibilities of SDET includes the following: –

Top 20 Rest API Interview Questions – 2023

A.1. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a web standards based architecture and take advantage of ubiquity of HTTP protocol and leverages HTTP method for data communication and to define actions.