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Top 20 Data Structure Interview Questions for SDET

Data Structure is the method of arranging data in such a way that it can be used to perform common and most frequent operations effectively and efficiently. It represents a logical relationship between data and its function.

Top 20 Maven Interview Questions – 2023

Maven is a build automation or a project management and comprehension tool. It is used by a developer to compile application. It provides a complete build lifecycle framework to the developers.

JIRA Interview Question – 2023

JIRA is basically an issue or project tracking tool developed by Atlassian and is commonly used for bug tracking, Agile project management and tracking issues.It is used in software development and software testing.

Advanced Selenium Interview Questions

Advanced Selenium Interview Questions – 2023

According to the official Selenium documents, it is being suggested to not to mix both Implicit and Explicit Waits. If we mix both of them then it can cause unpredictable wait times.
Implicit wait is defined only once in the code and it will remain same throughout the driver object instance.
Explicit wait is defined wherever it is necessary in the code and it  will called at the time of execution. Explicit wait will overwrite the implicit wait if applied in the code. So, Explicit Wait always gets first preference and the then Implicit Wait is executed.

Top 20 Rest API Interview Questions – 2023

A.1. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a web standards based architecture and take advantage of ubiquity of HTTP protocol and leverages HTTP method for data communication and to define actions.

Popular DevOps Interview Questions

Popular DevOps Interview Questions – 2023

A.1. DevOps is a collaborative work culture, aimed to synergize the efforts of the development and operations teams to accelerate the delivery of software products, with highest quality and minimal errors.

Top 20 C# Programming Interview Questions For SDET

SDET Frequently Asked Questions – 2023

To become a successful SDET, one should be involved in both the development of application as well as in testing of the software developed. SDET plays an important role in both the Software Development Life Cycle as well as Test Life Cycle. SDET engineer plans, designs, develops, optimizes as well as test the code using automation.

Top 20 Software Testing Interview Questions for SDET

Top 20 C# Programming Interview Questions For SDET – 2023

The following set of frequently asked SDET interview questions have been compiled to help students and professionals preparing for Certified SDET professional courses, SDET Foundation Training, Certified SDET Architect courses. Refer to full set of Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) Interview questions at the end of this question – answer.