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Essential Skills Required to Become an SDET

John Doe


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What skills should I develop to become an SDET at Google, Microsoft, or Facebook?

SDETSoftware Development Engineer in Test is a vital role rapidly adopted by a number of IT companies. A role invented by Microsoft and now becoming a major part in organizations even for the forerunners such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

In many organizations, such as Microsoft the current role of SDET is a metamorphosed into SDE -Software Design Engineers and in some companies even Software Engineers are hired for this role. But the skills and duties are unique and tailored according to special tasks.

As a SDET (or SDE) it is important to become acquainted with the skills you have to offer and become the best in them. When you have this mindset the right job role in the right company will be easier to narrow down for you and you would be able to come forward in a better way regarding your strengths and talents in the branch you wish to pursue. Keep this as a central strategy in mind.

When there is a mention of a SDET’s skills the opposing yet essential areas of development + testing comes to mind which is absolutely correct! But these two branches are widespread and often confusing to beginners. That’s alright, at first anything can seem overwhelming but knowledge and practice takes you on the higher steps of the ladder of your career goals. Narrowing down the needs in these two areas is important.

There should be some pointers to be considered which help as a universal (but not all-inclusive) guide for SDETs/SDEs looking for jobs in major companies,

  1. Ability to write good code in a programming language (e.g. Java)
  2. Ability to test codes and create automated tests with good code average
  3. Knowledge of data structures and algorithms and the ability to put them to use
  4. Clear communication. To build and carry out a software cycle it is important to clearly and concisely exchange thoughts and ideas and understand each other’s perspectives for the long run
  5. Have a curious testers’ mindset and can come up with interesting test scenarios
  6. Understand the difference between QA and testing
  7. Can apply appropriate test methods according to the scenario
  8. Should be aware of security
  9. Understand CI/CD pipeline and functions
  10. Knows about cloud platform services offered by Azure, AWS, etc.
  11. Agile nature and knows how testing fits in the agile framework
  12. Understands HTTP and is acquainted with how modern web applications are created.

So, these are some pointers that help you rise to a level of unique streak companies might look for when they are hiring.

To become a great SDET

The skill set of an SDET is a broad (and colorful) canvas, but a great SDET knows the above list is the bare minimum to possess. The skills of a great SDET must go beyond this, along with a constant curiosity to learn more and acquire new trends. The game-changers in the IT field are looking for great SDETs, so strive to be your best.

It is alright if, at first, you did not get your dream role/job. There are a number of companies looking for what you have to offer, you must be willing to go outside the box and explore. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the person you wish to be, and the career to wish to have been in the building process right now. Give yourself time and soon you will be at the top of the mountain enjoying the view.

Need help to build your skills? Don’t worry we got you covered! Explore our Certified SDET Advanced course. It helps you get ready for the competitive IT environment and builds you for the real world. The skills that will make you stand out from others.

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