What is Nagios? DevOps Interview Questions


Nagios is used for Continuous monitoring of systems, applications, services, and business processes etc. in a DevOps culture.

If a failure occurs, Nagios has alerting ability to inform the technical staff about the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers. With Nagios, you don’t have to explain why an unseen infrastructure outage affect your application’s performance in production environment.

By using Nagios you can:

  • Plan for infrastructure upgrades proactively, before outdated systems cause failures.
  • Respond to issues at the first sign of a problem.
  • Automatically fix problems when they are detected.
  • Coordinate technical team responses.
  • Ensure your organization’s SLAs are being met.
  • Monitor your entire infrastructure and business processes.

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