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Webinar on Serverless Computing

Natural Language Processing

Learn how Deep Learning is rapidly changing the field of Data Science and empowering innovative organizations to tap new sources of knowledge, dive deeper into data, and more accurately predict the future.

Join this Webinar to learn:

  •  Introduction to Deep Learning
  •  AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning
  •  Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  •  Deep learning for Vision and NLP applications
  •  Tools/Frameworks for Deep learning
  •  Questions & Answers

Where : Live Online
When : Wednesday 19th Feb 2020 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM IST

Deep Learning for Vision and Natural Language Processing

About the Webinar

The recent developments in GPU computing have triggered the wave of deep learning, autonomous driving, NLP, Bioinformatics, CFD, Flow analysis, etc. in an unprecedented way not seen in previous decades. This has led to the talks about the convergence of HPC and AI for better application development, better avenues for scientific and engineering research, and user-friendly products. These products range from healthcare, fashion, designing, robotics, etc. and it seems Deep learning is becoming ever pervasive in all the domains and areas of science and technology. This webinar, the first in the series will introduce you to various tools available for deep learning researchers and developers for applications in computer vision and natural language processing.

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