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Software Development and Continuous Delivery

Qualitatively made software today plays an important role in the formation of a full-fledged business process. You can buy a standard (ready-made) product, or you can order the development of individual software of one type or another. Custom software development is by far a very popular service. With the help of such software, it is possible to modernize and automate the processes in your enterprise. The manufactured product includes all the necessary moments in the field of accounting, records management, customer base, statistical accounting, financial and material turnover control, resource management, reporting, plans, and many other aspects of facilitating the enterprise.

The software for enterprises is developed according to a certain scheme, which allows taking into account all requirements and wishes of the customer, and also can help to make it as quickly as possible.

Software development is divided into the following stages:

  • The first stage is the study of the task set by the customer. At this stage, the necessary information is collected on the specifics of the company’s activities and other necessary data for the implementation of the task.
  • The second stage is a calculation of the cost of creation, drafting of a commercial proposal with a description of all the important points, after which a final estimate is made for the provision of these services. Also at this stage, a technical task is being prepared for the next stage of the work. The terms of reference must be approved by the two parties – the executor and the customer – in order to avoid the occurrence of errors. The Terms of Reference should contain all the main points of the software manufacturer. The correctness and literacy of leaving the technical task depend on the entire subsequent process of performing the work.
  • The third stage is the fixing of all agreements with regard to the cost of the project, the main points, and the timing of the fulfillment of the order with the help of an official agreement.
  • At the fourth stage, production is directly performed, if necessary, work is carried out in stages depending on the software configurations.
  • The last fifth stage includes software testing, customer approval of its quality, delivery to the enterprise, and its introduction into the business process.
  • Prices for each type of work are negotiated in a separate order.

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