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How to write a Good Test Plan in Software Testing?

Software testing is one of the most vital processes of the entire software cycle.

Software Testing is the process of validating a system with the objective of identifying any defects, gaps or missing requirement compared to the actual requirement”

Different people feel differently about Software testing but in fact, it is extremely necessary and must not be taken lightly

Why Software Testing is important?

The possible success or failure of your idea and the created product/application depends on Software Testing. You cannot determine the end result of a product’s performance and the assumed reaction of the end user without the use of Software Testing.

Here are the top reasons on why Software Testing is important,

1. Saves Money

2. Ensures Security

3. Enhances Development Process

4. Enhances Product Quality

5. Customer Satisfaction

6. Determines Performance of Software

There are many components when it comes to Software Testing, one such component is Test Plan.

A Test Plan is a document that describes in detail the test strategy, schedule, objectives, deliverables, estimation etc. needed to perform testing for a product/application

Test Plan is crucial to help determine the effort needed to verify the quality and performance of the application under test. The test plan is like a blueprint to for software testing processes which is thoroughly monitored and controlled by the test manager.

How to write a Good Test Plan

Now you know that making a Test Plan is very important in Software Testing, find out how to write a good test plan,

  1. Analyze the product

Collect detailed and thorough information about the product. It is impossible to test the product without any information about it. You must know its uses, the website it will be used for, its workings etc.

  • Develop a Test Strategy

Having Test Strategy is a critical step for a Test Plan in Software Testing. A test strategy carefully mentions the testing objective along with effort, costs and other factors

  • Define the Test Objectives

Test Objective is the overall goal and the resulted achievement of the test execution. The main goal/objective of testing is to find as many software errors and gaps as possible to ensure that the application under test is bug free before its release.

  • Define Test Criteria

Test Criteria is the standard/rule on which a test procedure can be based

  • Resource Planning

Resource plan is a detailed summary of all the resources needed to complete a  project/task. Human, materials, equipment etc. can be resources needed to complete a project

  • Schedule & Estimation

Deadlines, the assumed schedule and the estimated time of completion are required to track the progress of the Test Plan

  • Determine Test Deliverables

Test Deliverables are the artifacts or “things” such as tools, documents and other components that has to be developed and maintained for testing effort.

Although a Good Test Plan is not limited to the above steps, you now have a gist about a Good Test Plan. Remember – Research and thorough study of the product to want to test is one of the most necessary things in a Test Plan, without this the foundation test plan will be fragile and the success/failure end result will be compromised.