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Difference between Git and SVN| DevOps Interview Question

What is Git and explain the difference between Git and SVN?

Git is a Distributed Version Control system (DVCS) which manages small as well as large projects efficiently. It is basically used to store our repositories in remote server such as GitHub.

Its distributed architecture provides many advantages over other Version Control Systems (VCS) like SVN.

Git is a Decentralized Version Control ToolSVN is a Centralized Version Control Tool
Git contains the local repo as well as the full history of the whole project on all the developers hard drive.
so if there is a server outage, you can easily recover code from local git repo.
SVN relies only on the central server to store all the versions of the project file
Push and pull operations are fastPush and pull operations are slower compared to Git
Client nodes can clone the entire repositories on their local systemVersion history is stored on the server-side repository
Commits can be done offline tooCommits can be done only online