Silk Test is one of the leading functional testing tools that is used for e-business applications and it also supports testing of different technologies: Mobile (iOS; Android), Web, .NET (WinForms, WPF), Java or traditional client/server-based applications. This tool is also used for test planning, management, access to direct database and validation. It also provides the benefits of the robust and flexible Test scripting language with an inbuilt recovery system for unattended testing, and has the ability to test in multiple platforms, browsers and technologies. Professionals in the software testing field can stay ahead of the game by applying the Silk Test tool effectively to test the product. Automation testing is at the forefront of any software application business and a Silk test certification by DevLabs Alliance will definitely help individuals and organizations to stay updated with the current market trends.

Key Features of Silk Course by DevLab Alliance

  • 24 hours of practical oriented training cum workshop

  • Certification Guidance

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Each session followed with exercise and Project Work

  • Industry specific project implementation

  • Doubt Clearing and Technical Support

Prerequisite for Silk Course

  • One should be familiar with Windows environment.
  • One should be able to navigate in an Internet or intranet environment.
  • One should be familiar with scripting or structured programming.
  • Should have knowledge about basic concepts related to load testing, Web architecture and protocols.
  • Experience in testing Web applications (manually).

Trainings for

Individual Classroom LearningCorporate Training Solutions
Instructor led Practical Oriented TrainingFace 2 Face Interactive Practical Oriented training
Flexible ScheduleLearn as per full day schedule with discussions and exercises.
Recorded Sessions will be available within 24 hoursDoubt Clear sessions
Technical SupportCompletely Customizable course content and schedule based on your need
Certification Guidance ProvidedCertification Guidance Provided
Case studies and Use cases implementations

Who should take Silk course?

  • Any individual who wants to add Silk skills to their profile.
  • Teams getting started on Silk projects

What you’ll learn from Silk course

You will be able to do the followings after attending the Silk training course by DevLabs Alliance:

  • Creating a frame file with window declarations which serves as the central repository for information about the application under test.
  • Organizing and managing verification tests using the test planning tool.
  • Applying a variety of testing used in testing.
  • Using variables within test cases to increase reusability and maintainability.
  • Creating reports to chart the testing effort.

Creating Next Gen Engineers!

Why you should take QTP course from DevLabs Alliance

FeaturesDevLabs AllianceOther Training Providers
Classroom SessionInteractive Classes room session with Extensive hands-onInstructor led, no hands-on
1-1 Training

Training ScheduleFlexibleFixed
Customized Course

Access to Recorded Videos

EMI Options

Support Post Session

Case Studies Discussion


Silk Certified Expert by DevLabs Alliance work with global organizations like Accenture, Optum, Capgemini, Cognizant, TCS, TechnoSoft, Oracle, Expedia etc.

To unlock DevLabs Alliance’s certification, you have to complete and submit the use case assignments provided during the course, and then assignments submitted by you will be evaluated by a team of Skill experts and practitioners. Your result will be shared after assessment and certification will be awarded accordingly.

Introduction to Silk Tests and Testing Process

·        Silk Test Architecture

·        Silk Test Capabilities

·        Features and Functionality of Silk Test

·        The Testing Process

·        Six Phases of Testing

Projects and Plans

·        Silk Test Projects

·        Layered approach to testing

·        Project files

·        Project Explorer

·        Files Tab

·        Global Tab

·        Test Plans Types

·        Test Plan Editor

·        Hierarchical Structure

·        Creation of Test Plan

·        Manually Creating Test Plan

·        Pasting Test Plan from ASCII file

·        Using Attributes in Test Plan

·        Creating New Attribute

·        Associating attributes with Tests

·        Creating Master Plans

·        Creating and compiling a Master Plan

·        Working with Sub Plans

Capturing the Application

·        Silk Test Object Recognition

·        The Basic Workflow Bar

·        Capturing State of an Application

·        An Application State

·        Default Base State

·        User Defined Base State

·        Capturing Window Declarations

Creating and Running Test Cases
Data Driven Test Cases

·        Data Driven test cases

·        Data Driven Techniques

·        Retrieving Data from a Relational database

Reporting and Test Results

·        Creating a tabular report

·        Creating a graphical completion report

·        Manual Test results

·        Working with manual tests

·        The Result Files

·        Result Management

·        Identifying failures in Test Plan


·        The .Net Project

·        Base State and User Defined Base State method

·        Using Invoke Methods

Beyond the Recorder

·        The Scripting Process

·        Object Identification

·        The Library Browser

·        Auto complete

·        Variables in test case

·        Test Data in Test Plan

·        Adding Information to the Results File

·        Error Trapping

·        Data Types and Variables

·        Concatenation and List Structures

·        Using Records

Looping and Branching Techniques

·        Looping Statements

·        For statement

·        For each statement

·        While Statement

·        Relational Operators

·        Logical Operators

·        Branching Statements

After accomplishment of Silk Test training course by DevLabs Alliance, you will learn about: • Fundamentals of Skill Test • Creating, Recording and Running Tests • Various testing techniques • Managing projects • All options of Silk Test • Extending and Automating test cases built with Silk Test
Silk Test Training course by DevLabs Alliance is a popular automation testing tool due to its various benefits like flexibility in tests without the need for much programming, sound functionality, reusability and automatic recovery from crash and several other benefits.
WinRunner Online course is available for online training. There are batches scheduled for QTP Training as well which you can purchase.
You will be eligible for nighty percent refund until one week before commencement of a course.
By the end of each session you will get a recording of each class. You can access these recordings any time, distribution of these recordings without permission is not allowed. Assignments will also be provided as per planned syllabus.
You can choose any upcoming training and we can accommodate you in that.
No, your certificate will be valid for life time.
27th June – 12th July7 PM to 10 PM IST (Sat-Sun) 9999Batch Closed
30th May– 14th June7 PM to 10 PM IST (Sat-Sun) 9999Batch Closed
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