Robotic Process Automation – UiPath Certification Course

Robotic process automation (RPA) is another buzz in current digital world. It is an emerging technology to streamline business work flows and repetitive processes across organizations.

Organizations are identifying the lean practices and repetitive business processes so that those can be eliminated or reduced to very minimal so that they can make a good profit with minimal cost. Hence, organizations are progressively adopting robotics process automation and there is a sharp increase in demand of RPA certified professionals. With this course, you will be able to drive RPA program in your project or organization.

DevLabs Alliance brings you a comprehensive Robotics Process Automation course in Ui Path that enables you to understand Robotics Process Automation from basics through advance topics.

This Course will help you comprehend important RPA concepts such as What is RPA? How it is different from traditional automation? It’s future landscape, Ui Path Studio and hence, enabling you to delve in RPA – Ui Path. As a result of it, you gain proficiency in various RPA – Ui Path. Throughout the Course, you’ll be solving real life case studies on Media, Healthcare, Social Media, Aviation & Sales force.

Key Features

  • 24 hours of practical oriented training cum workshop

  • Certification Guidance

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Each session followed with exercise and Project Work

  • Industry specific project implementation

  • Doubt Clearing and Technical Support

Trainings for

Individual Classroom LearningCorporate Training Solutions
Instructor led Practical Oriented TrainingFace 2 Face Interactive Practical Oriented training
State of the Art Training LabsLearn as per full day schedule with discussions and exercises.
Flexible ScheduleDoubt Clear sessions
Technical Group DiscussionCompletely Customizable course content and schedule based on your need
Technical SupportCertification Guidance Provided
Use cases implementationsCase studies and Use cases implementations
Certification Guidance Provided

Why this Course?

  • Robotics Process Automation market to cross $5 billion by 2024 (

  • Average Salary of Robotic Process Automation Lead is $116k (

  • Perfect amalgamation of Ui Path with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Big job opportunities in Healthcare, Insurance, Banking & e-commerce domain

About the Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path Course

DevLabs Alliance’s Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path Course will primarily cover the concepts of RPA, it’s need, why it is getting so popular? Why RPA with Ui Path? What are the roles available in an emerging market of RPA. As a RPA professional, you will be learning the importance of Robotics Process Automation and its implementation through Ui Path. Towards the end of the course we will be discussing various practical use cases of Process Automation and how you can create ROBOTS using Ui Path Studio and should be able to attempt the certification exam conducted by UiPath Academy.

Creating Next Gen Engineers!


DevLabs Alliance’s Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path trained & certified professionals work at 1000s of companies like Accenture, Ciena, Optum, Oracle, TCS, Infosys, Orange etc.

To unlock Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path Certificate you have to complete the entire program and submit the use case assignments provided during the course. These assignments are prepared in such a way so that you should be able to crack the certification conducted by UiPath Academy.

What are the objectives of our Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path Course?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • In-depth understanding around Robotics Process Automation concepts
  • It’s future landscape and successful use cases
  • Learn techniques to create roBOTS
  • Learn Ui Path Studio for creating simple, medium & complex level roBOTS
  • Understand the key roles played by a Robotics Process Automation professional
  • Work with real use cases
  • Able to clear certification conducted by Ui Path Academy

What are the pre-requisites for Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path Course?

The pre-requisites for the Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path includes basic understanding of processes, workflows, automation and programming language concepts.  Working knowledge of any automation tool will be an advantage.

Who should go for this Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path Course?

DevLabs Alliance’s Robotics Process Automation Course is appropriate for the below professionals:

  • Programmers, Software Developers, Software Testing Professionals, Technical Leads, Architects & Business Analysts
  • IT Leaders who wants to set the direction of their organization in eliminating lean practices using Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path
  • Professional aspiring to be a ‘RPA Expert’
  • Graduates who are looking to make a career in Robotics Process Automation
  • Any professional who wants to understand how Robotics Process Automation – Ui Path works

Why you should take this course from DevLabs Alliance

FeaturesDevLabs AllianceOther Training Providers
Classroom SessionInteractive Classes room session with Extensive hands-onInstructor led, no hands-on
1-1 Training

Training ScheduleFlexibleFixed
Customized Course

Access to Recorded Videos

EMI Options

Support Post Session

Case Studies Discussion

Module 1. Overview

a)   What is Robotics Process Automation?

b)   It’s future landscape

c)    About UI Path-Introduction

d)   UI Path free Version

e)   End to end Demo

f)    Installation

g)   Setup browser

h)   How to renew community edition

Module 2. Orientation

a)   Overview

b)   Creation of new project

c)    Project and tool window tour

Module 3. Basic UI Path Features

a)   Different activities

b)   Sequence and flowchart

c)    Interaction with output window

d)   Reading a text file

Module 4. Debugging

a)   Run in debug mode

b)   Setting up a debug point and running

Module 5. Variable and data handling

a)   Variable pane and different variable operations

b)   Variable scope

Module 6. Script control flow

a)   If/Else

b)   Flowchart decision

Module 7. Error handling

a)   Try/catch usage

b)   Creating and throwing exception

Module 8. Orchestrator

a)   Overview

b)   Account creation and setup

c)    Connection with robot

d)   Publishing a package

You should have you laptop/desktop with recommended configuration - CPU. 1.4GHz 32-bit (x86) Dual Core 1.8GHz 64-bit with RAM - 4 GB.
You will be able to do your assignments/case studies on your laptop/desktop. For any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.
You will get various use cases from various domain like Social Media, Weather, Healthcare, Telecom and other domains.
The projects that are picked up to be part of assessment are the most updated and real-world projects. The learning you acquire from the training can be applied to complete those projects. These projects test your learning and concepts you acquired during the training program. The completion of these projects makes you corporate ready where you can exhibit your learning and skills.
DevLabs Alliance has experts and practitioners who are having comprehensive experience on Robotics Process Automation. We have a rich pool of trainers certified by Ui path and they ensure that the participants work on the assignments and practical. It’s not an instructor-led training but is an interactive platform where participants get the full exposure to theory and practical.
We provide a recorded session at the end of each day, you can learn by going through the video. You can ask any open questions in an email or in next session.
You will be eligible for nighty percent refund until one week before commencement of a course.
By the end of each session you will get a video of recorded session and assignments will be provided as per planned syllabus, distribution of these recordings without DevLabs Alliance permission is not allowed.
You can choose any upcoming training and we can accommodate you in that.
Yes, DevLabs Alliance will provide you a Certificate of training Completion at the end of a course.
No, your certificate will be valid for life time.
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