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React JS Certification Training Course


React JS is a JavaScript library for designing and developing the UI of websites and web apps. It allows you to create interactive elements on websites.

You will learn client-side routing using React Router, global state management and transitions using Redux, server-side rendering and testing using Jest, Enzyme, and more. Our ReactJS online training course will take you from the absolute basics all the way up to building sophisticated, scalable web applications.

The primary purpose of application architecture is to support the development life cycle of the system. Good architecture makes the system easy to understand, easy to develop, easy to maintain, and easy to deploy. The ultimate benefit of the architecture is to minimize the lifetime cost of the system and to maximize programmer productivity.

Getting React JS certified is the perfect platform for JavaScript developers to maximize their talent for development. React is currently used by a number of global corporate giants, including Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Yahoo! Mail, WhatsApp, and DropBox, to name a few.

Advantages Of React

  • Makes JavaScript coding easier
  • Excellent cross-platform support
  • Explore React basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  • Handles dependencies
  • Extremely competent
  • UI focused designs
  • Easy to adapt
  • Template designing made easy
  • Provides amazing developer tools

Key Features of React JS Training Course

  • 40+ hours of blended practical-oriented training cum workshop
  • Certification Guidance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Project Support
  • Placement Assistance
  • CV Building
  • Each session is followed by an exercise and Project Work
  • Industry-specific project implementation
  • Doubt Clearing and Technical Support
  • Job Posting
  • Mock Interview and Tips

Training for React JS Course

Individual Classroom LearningCorporate Training Solutions
Instructor-led Practical Oriented TrainingFace 2 Face Interactive Practical Oriented training
Flexible ScheduleLearn as per full daily schedule with discussions and exercises
Recorded Sessions will be available within 24 hoursDoubt Clear sessions
Technical SupportCompletely Customizable course content and schedule based on your need
Certification Guidance ProvidedCertification Guidance Provided
Case studies and Use cases implementations

Who should take the React JS Training Course?

  • UI Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Developers, software engineers
  • Novices who meet prerequisites
  • Final year Graduates

What you’ll learn from React JS Training Course

  1. Set up and build projects using Clean Architecture.
  2. Decouples Application modules using Dependency Injection.
  3. Integrate payment gateway.
  4. Implement a Repository pattern to perform database operations.
  5. Build responsive UI using Bootstrap
  6. Optimize web pages to boost-up performance.
  7. Implement Login/Signup workflow.
  8. Implement Authentication/Authorization for unauthorized access.
  9. Implement Angular best practices.
  10. Deployment project to the cloud

Creating Next Gen Engineers!

React JS Training Course Certification

React JS Training Course Certification by DevLabs Alliance work with global organizations like Accenture, Optum, Capgemini, Cognizant, TCS, Wipro, IBM, Sapient, Nucleus, Oracle, Expedia, etc.

To unlock DevLabs Alliance’s certification, you have to complete and submit the use case assignments provided during the course, then assignments submitted by you will be evaluated by DevLabs Alliance’s team of experts and practitioners. Your result will be shared after assessment and certification will be awarded accordingly.

Why you should take this course from DevLabs Alliance

FeaturesDevLabs AllianceOther Training Providers
Classroom Session ✔ Interactive Classes room session with Extensive hands-onInstructor-led, no hands-on
1-1 Training
Training ScheduleFlexibleFixed
Customized Course
Access to Recorded Videos
EMI Options
Support Post Session
Case Studies Discussion

 React JS Training Course and Training in other cities

Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, MelbourneChicagoHyderabadSan FranciscoLondonNew YorkTorontoLos AngelesPuneSingaporeHoustonDubaiIndiaSydneyJersey, and San Jose

Course Details
  • Introduction to ES2015(ES6)
  • Webpack/Babel/NPM
  • Project Structure
  • Configuring babel for Projects
  • Configuring Webpack
  • Using Webpack dev server
  • First React App
  • ES6 Introduction
  • The Role of React and the problems React addresses
  • React Development Environment (node, npm, webpack, Babel, Babel presets) JSX
  • React Components
  • Virtual DOM
  • Change detection
  • One way data binding
  • Components with and without state
  • Classes v/s Functions React Components, Elements, and Instances
  • JSX abd React.createElements
  • Components Lifecycle
  • Using props for data passing
  • Internal state
  • Class Components
  • Refs & Input handling
  • Creating react app
  • Passing Props
  • Initializing State
  • Updating State
  • Parent and Child Components
  • Main components: Router, Route, IndexRoute
  • Authentication
  • Handling event and react router
  • Implement react-router in a master-detail web application
  • Passing data to routes
  • Using link and navLink components
  • Using CSS to style the app
  • Using object to style components
  • Learning SCSS
  • Using SCSS style to style for larger projects
  • Data and behaviour
  • Data in, data out
  • Mutations
  • Pure functions
  • ESMA6 Operators
  • Using spread based ECMA syntax
  • Using map and filter to modify states for immutability
  • Using arrow function for this binding for inner functions
  • Functional components in React
  • Using functions to create components
  • useState hook for state management
  • Passing props with functional components
  • useEffect hook, usages, application
  • useContext hook for context sharing
  • useRef for working with DOM separately
  • useMemo for memorization and performance enhancement
  • useCallback for performance optimization
  • useReducer for sharing states data
  • useLayout Effect Hook
  • Understanding the lifecycle of functional components
  • Using useEffect hook for initialization and component destruct
  • Comparison of the lifecycle with hooks for functional components
  • Redux Architecture philosophy
  • Single Immutable State
  • Pure and impure functions
  • Integration with React (Provider)
  • Store, Reducers, Actions
  • Creating Redux store
  • Using reducers to modify the state
  • Using actions for dispatch
  • Unique source of truth
  • Unique source of truth
  • Using selectors to get data
  • Provider connect
  • Integration redux in react projects
  • Architecture for bigger react projects with redux
  • Application using react and redux
  • Develop end to end application with react and redux
  • Introduction the Redux middleware
  • Exercise, build your own Redux middleware
  • Thunks.Actions that dispatch actions
  • Exercise, implement loading indicator using thunks

At present DevLabs Alliance offers React JS Training Courses in Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. However, the domestic and international participants not living in the above-mentioned cities can acquire the certification through our unique Online Training Mode

A React certification course will help you gain proficiency in React, which is an important web framework that allows the development of user interfaces. A certification will validate your skills when you apply for interviews at top companies. You will be able to leverage your knowledge about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and work closely with designers, testers, and project managers while building a robust and effective application.

Beginners can start learning ReactJS by learning about JavaScript, React 15, React 16, arrow functions, static methods, logical operators, event handling, rendering lists, React key prop, default value prop, ref prop, React Router, Redux, React-Redux, etc. You can learn all of these hands-on from our React JS online certification course.

We arrange some extra time so that you can align yourself with the ongoing class.

Please refer to our Refund Policy & Privacy Policy.

By the end of each session, you will get a recording of each class. You can access these recordings at any time, distribution of these recordings without DevLabs Alliance`s permission is not allowed. Assignments will also be provided as per the planned syllabus.

You can choose any upcoming training and we can accommodate you in that.

No, your certificate will be valid for a lifetime. Shall I get any certificate after completion of this course? Yes, once your assessment process is complete the certificate will be awarded to you.

Upcoming Classes
Training Schedule

10 Nov 2022 – 06 Dec 2022
Mon–Fri (Weekdays)

11:00AM – 01:00PM (IST)
06:30AM – 08:30AM (CET)
12:30PM – 02:30PM (EST)

Training Cost

INR 33500

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* EMI Option available
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*Prices in INR are applicable only for Indian residents with residency proof. 18% GST additional.

  • Enrolled: 1400 students
  • Modules: 16
  • Level: Advanced

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