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Top 20 Data Structure Interview Questions for SDET

Data Structure is the method of arranging data in such a way that it can be used to perform common and most frequent operations effectively and efficiently. It represents a logical relationship between data and its function.

Advanced Selenium Interview Questions

Advanced Selenium Interview Questions

According to the official Selenium documents, it is being suggested to not to mix both Implicit and Explicit Waits. If we mix both of them then it can cause unpredictable wait times.
Implicit wait is defined only once in the code and it will remain same throughout the driver object instance.
Explicit wait is defined wherever it is necessary in the code and it  will called at the time of execution. Explicit wait will overwrite the implicit wait if applied in the code. So, Explicit Wait always gets first preference and the then Implicit Wait is executed.

SDET Demand In Market !!

Nowadays, more and more companies are hiring SDETs as they are playing an important role in Agile and DevOps. With a quick change in technology, manual testers need to work hard and to learn more to be on track in their career. SDETs are high in demand and it becomes so hard to hire them as well as it takes a lot of learning for manual testers to convert into SDET.

What is the difference between SDET and TESTER?

SDET is highly skilled resource with development as well as testing skills, on the other hand tester is involved in preparing and executing the test cases either manually or by automation. Moreover, Testers are resources with limited programming skills and they are much focused on functional testing (black box testing) whereas SDETs are skilled resources with good programming skills and do the job of tester (white box testing) as well as developer in test automation.

How to become SDET ?

To become a successful SDET, one should be involved in both the development of application as well as in testing of the software developed. SDET plays an important role in both the Software Development Life Cycle as well as Test Life Cycle. SDET engineer plans, designs, develops, optimizes as well as test the code using automation.

RESTful Services

Every system uses resources. These resources can be pictures, video files, Web pages, business information, or anything that can be represented in a computer-based system. The purpose of a service is to provide a window to its clients so that they can access these resources.