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About Us

Our Mission

Helping people Learn, Lead and Succeed


We enable people to Nurture, Explore, Think and Learn through our extensive programs.


We help people to build Vision, Foster Creative and Cultivate Innovation through an empirical approach.


We empower people to discover their Potential and take up new challenges to succeed.

About DevLabs Alliance

DevLabs Alliance is an emerging Information technology consulting and training company headquartered in Gurugram. We conduct career transformation workshops & training in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Agile, DevOps, Big Data, BlockChain, Software Test Automation, Robotics Process Automation, and other cutting edge technologies.
We have a rich pool of like-minded trainers cum consultants who are having diversified experience in their respective technology stack and are in process of continuously growing this pool.

We partner with individuals, IT prospects, and companies and provides customized training, consultancy, and workshops as per their training & business needs.

We have a presence across four continents (Asia, Canada, USA & Europe) and driving our mission in association with our channel partners. We are highly committed to building Next-Gen Engineers by offering Capstone and placement internship programs to IT aspirants. We have delivered 5000+ hours of training, 600+ happy professionals, 15+ corporate clients, and have placed more than 400 students in global organizations.

Why DLA?

Industry leaders from top-notch companies with diversified and rich careers in niche technologies swarmed at a common platform of Devlabs Alliance. The only motto is to develop the budding students, engineers, and corporates to gain an in-depth understanding of people, processes, tools, and technologies.

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies – we all are running behind them to gain knowledge so that we can learn in a day…

Do you think it’s possible?

We help you in identifying your interest that can help you become a leader in that area through our skill assessment program…

Do you want to assess yourself and understand what right Technology/Domain is for you?

We understand you and your needs and that’s why we are here to serve you better. It’s our honest attempt for your development that can take you to the highest zenith of your career.

We believe in simplicity

We believe in simplicity and our programs have been designed in such a simple and interactive way that even a novice can understand them. Remember your days when you learned the alphabet for the first time when you learned the programming language for the first time –

Was it exciting!!!
We start with the first step and then make you walk & you will not realize when you start running. Do you want to become a child again and embark on the most exciting learning journey of your life?

Is Automation not for you?
Is DevOps a buzzword for you?
Does BigData make you feel anxious?

Let’s have a look into our interactive programs especially designed for you…

Your zeal to learn and our passion to share will make a unique combination that is invincible.


Diversity, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence (DICE) are core values of Devlabs Alliance. These are part of our culture and they are always reflected in our planning and execution.


We are in a continuous mode of providing a variety of learning, training, and resources for the overall development of individuals, institutes, and corporates. We equip ourselves with modern tools and techniques and keep us updated with the upcoming future trends.


We never compromise on our ethics and commit to the highest level of integrity. We deliver on our promises and walk the talk. We make sure that whatever we say, we act on that with honest intentions.


We put ourselves in the shoes of the people who we serve. Compassion is an important value we abide by to live our mission of helping people learn, lead and succeed. We are truly compassionate and genuinely understand the needs of our customers.


We demonstrate excellence in whatever we do. We are fully accountable for delivering high-quality and superior results that surely make a difference. We strive for better outcomes in all spheres we touch upon.

Alliance/Channel Partners

The DevLabs Alliance trusts that our allies are our strong competitive edge and as an alliance partner we endeavor towards akin objective and responsibility.

T-Force Consulting
1010, Dale St. N.
St. Paul, MN 55117

Career Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Flat No.1, First Floor, Uttam Enclave, Aundh Opp. PNG,
Near New Bridge FF1, Taluka-Haveli,
Pune – 411007

Top Tech Analytics
Center Park, Warrington,
Cheshire, WA1 1 RG,
United Kingdom

Tech Lead Consultants
8-2-603/B/S/1/2, 2nd Floor,
Road No 10 Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad, INDIA TS-500 034